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Knee Problem

As we grow old, the health starts to fade away and the joints start to pain. In simple terms we can say that with the growing age, the problem starts getting heavy on the human body and we are not strong enough to fight them back so easily.


Do you feel that your joints are swollen and there is a joint stiffness? Have you lost the motion range and the joints creak? Well, you will have to go to your doctor soon because these are the symptoms of the problem Osteoarthritis. Let’s talk about what osteoarthritis is. This is a joint inflammation resulting from the degeneration of cartilages. This usually is caused by hereditary or by aging. This can also be caused by an injury from trauma.

The trouble is that there is no blood test that can help in diagnosing osteoarthritis. This disease Osteoarthritis, affects the feet, hands, spine and the joints which bear large weight like knees or hips. The primary osteoarthritis is the one when the cause is unknown and the problem is called secondary osteoarthritis when the cause of the problem is known.

Sports related ligament injuries

The sports are fun and the fun increases when the sports are for competition. But the competitive sports are known to have injuries. The most common sports related ligament injuries is anterior cruciate ligament which is actually a knee ligament injury. ACL is the primary intra-articular stabilizer and the injuries to this ligament can alter the physical activities level of the athletes seriously. This can even put an end to their career. The treatments, medical and surgical, depends on the age of the athlete and the type and degree of the ACL injury. The future activity levels of the patients are also kept in mind during the treatment.